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I have been told many times that I am different than most other advisors. I attribute this to my 25 years in the investment industry and the influence of my father and his 27 years in the industry.
I also like to note that I am not a salesman. I take time and give more thought to how I plan and manage assets. My investment universe does not include packaged products, annuities or mutual funds. A well thought out approach will yield a customized portfolio that will far better meet your needs than a generic "category" portfolio or a collection of mutual funds. I have extensive experience in wealth management, estate and retirement planning which is why I modeled BroadReach Capital as a boutique, family office style advisory.
In 2009 I added private equity element to my repertoire and have some interesting companies I am working with. Take a look at their links and let me know what you think.

If I have piqued your interest on how my experience may help you please feel free to call, email or browse the site further to see how I might be able to help you.

Thanks for your time and consideration, J Scott Wolter, 904-868-0031, SWolter@BroadReachCap.com

  • a financial advisor should be an advisor, a consultant, someone who is not driven by commissions but driven to create a financial plan and investment model to serve your needs, not theirs.
  • In a financial relationship the client comes first, always.
  • You should understand how we are investing, and more importantly why.
  • Downside risk management is more important than upside growth management.
  • No one person can be good at everything, a team approach is the best approach.
  • Experience is invaluable.
  • Honesty and Integrity are becoming endangered in the financial industry.
  • There is no place for an ego.
  • A handshake is worth more than paper.


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